Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao V Not Happening

Rudy February 13, 2013 Comments
Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao V Not Happening

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JMM vs Pacman Part Five Not Happening?

Juan Manuel Marquez, who recently defeated Manny Pacquiao via a 6th round KO in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2012, has not ‘yet’ agreed to a 5th rematch. He was quoted in an interview that a 5th meeting is not necessary because he “already achieved the desired result”. Although Top Rank’s Bob Arum is not giving up on the negotiation table, Marquez has been vocal about not fighting Pacquiao anymore.

Why back off when you have the momentum?

Now if you just defeated your nemesis with exclamation, isn’t it that the mantra is step/stump on the enemy while he is down and never let up? You think you have shown up as the stronger pugilist, you have the opportunity to prove to everyone that you can do it again and you are going to get paid doing it, what’s the hold up? Why listen to your friends now? The guy you just knocked out is man enough to face you again in the ring. Did those muscles in your body atrophy that all of a sudden you are ducking the same boxer you have been chasing to get a rematch with when you lost 2 successive fights against him? He did not even need the 4th fight! Can you please enlighten the boxing fans; what is the real reason for not giving them a chance of witnessing another classic rematch?

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