Kansas City Chiefs Loving San Francisco Quarterbacks

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Kansas City Chiefs Loving San Francisco Quarterbacks

In the past 20 years, Kansas City Chiefs has acquired 4 starting quarterbacks from the San Francisco 49ers, 3 via trade and and the other through free agency. Could it be Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy and her magic sleepers leading them to the ‘yellow brick’ state? HOF QB Joe Montana in 1993 was traded from SF 49ers to the Chiefs, became the starter and led the team to the AFC championships but lost to the Buffalo Bills. Montana led the team to another playoff the following year but did not get past the Wild Card round. Steve Bono who was a back up QB for Joe Montana and Steve Young in San Francisco, was also acquired by the KC Chiefs via trade in 1994 but again as a backup for Montana until he had the opportunity to start when the latter retired in 1995. Bono guided the 1995 Chiefs to a 13-3 win-loss record, best in AFC West but lost in the Divisional Playoffs. He helped KC win 9-7 in his second year as a starter but not enough to clinch a playoff spot. In come another former gold miner QB Elvis Grback, drafted by the 49ers in the 8th round in NFL draft 1993, back up to Steve Young from 1994-1996. He is the only QB not acquired via trade because he was a free agent in 1997. Grbac had two complete seasons as starter and the other two were injury plagued. Like the two former 49ers, Grbac was successful in his first season with the Chiefs, winning 13-3, first in AFC west but did not advance further. Ex niners QB hiring lasted until 2000 but the highest achievement was the first year of Joe Montana which is AFC championship in 1994.

Quarterbacks not from the Golden State

For the next 12 years, KC tapped QB talents not from the Red And Gold team. Trent Green from the Rams employed from 2001 to 2006, Damon Huard from Cincinnati Bengals 21-game starter from 2006-2008, Tyler Thigpen from Minnesota Vikings started 11 games in 2008 subbing for Huard and Croyle, Brodie Croyle was the only QB ‘drafted’ by the Chiefs who actually ‘started’ a game for the team in almost 3 decades ( last starting QB drafted was Todd Blackledge 1983 NFL first round draft pick). But Croyle wasn’t the answer to the Chiefs QB dilemma either. Matt Cassel was supposed to be the savior when the Chiefs traded for him in 2009 from the New England Patriots and signed him to a 6-year, $62.5 M deal. A 10-5 Cassel led Chiefs earned them a playoff berth in 2010 but lost in the Wild Card round. That was the best they could get out of Cassel. Comparing the 12 years of QBs not taken from the 49ers against the 7 years of former 49ers QBs, the later gave them the better result due to the Montana led Chiefs in 1994, which remains to be the only team that has won a playoff game for the organization in the past 20 years.

KC Keeps Coming Back For More

KC are coming off a disappointing 2012 season with 2-14 record which earned them the first overall selection in the upcoming April 2013 NFL draft. A chance to use it on a starting QB perhaps? The 2013 NFL prospects are loaded with talents but the best available QB is not even worth top 10. And it’s not of any help that the Andrew Luck, RG3 batch set the bar too high for the QB position. How about going back to the Chiefs’ gold mine? KC could thank SF again for they have a QB in the market. Just like in the 1993 Young-Montana QB controversy, the SF 49ers 2013 has their own version in Kaepernick-Smith. But the timing is never better for both teams. The 49ers found the QB they are looking for in Colin Kaepernick, while Alex Smith who was having the best one and a half season of his career under Jim Harbaugh, slowed down only by concussion in week 10 of the 2012 regular season, accumulated enough stats to be the hottest QB available in the market. At least 4 teams in NFL needed a quarterback who can start right away, namely the Cleveland Browns, the Arizona Cardinals, the Buffalo Bills and the KC Chiefs. Add the NY Jets to the mix if you see their head coach walk into a tattoo removal shop. (NY Jets coach Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey). KC obviously came out on top with the best offer. KC Chiefs are set to acquire another ex 49ers QB unless a better offer emerge until April 2, 2013.


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