San Francisco 49ers Post Draft Analysis by RudysArena

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San Francisco 49ers Post Draft Analysis by RudysArena

Round 1 Pick 18

SF 49ers select Eric Reid, Free Safety, LSU. The 49ers recognized this year’s draft trend in the early picks, O line, D line and secondary and they did not waste time using their advantage which is 13 picks, the most number of picks by any team in this year’s draft, traded up their number 31 (1st round) and 74 (3rd round) picks with the Dallas Cowboys’ number 18 to get Eric Reid. It was not costly to get what the coaching staff think can help improve the secondary right away.

Round 2 Pick 34(traded down) #40

Traded down with Tennessee Titans to get DE Cornellius “Tank” Carradine at 40 and then traded up from 61 with GB Packers to get Vance McDonald, TE from Rice University. Tank can will help The Smith Brothers rush the QB in a different way. Justin’s relentless motor pushes the line to get to the QB while Aldon relies on his athleticism to get in between tackles, delay rush and swim moves towards the QB. Carradine is considered an edge bull rusher, much like Charles Haley and Kevin Greene of the 90s.

TE Vance McDonald is an obvious replacement for Delanie Walker only a lot bigger. You can’t question his speed either, he used to play the WR slot. He topped 4 categories out of 7 in the NFL combine, namely bench press (31), 3-cone drill, broad jump and 60-yard shuttle. He only had 36 receptions in 2012 with Rice University but 28 of them are for 1st downs. Once he gets the ball in the open field, it’ll take at least 3 defensive backs to bring him down if they ever can!

Round 3 pick 26 (88 overall)

The 49ers select

26(88) 49ers (From Packers) Lemonier, Corey DE 6’3″ 255 Auburn

Round 4

31(128) 49ers Patton, Quinton WR 6’0″ 204 Louisiana Tech

34(131) 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Lattimore, Marcus RB 5’11″ 221 South Carolina

Round 3 picks for the 49ers are more like picks that are for depth in each particular position or for future needs like the RB who is recovering from an injury. Lattimore is the kind of pick they can afford, he might not be able to play in 2013-2014 season but he was the top rated RB in the nation before he got injured and the 49ers are placing their faith on the guy to recover and be the one to replace Frank Gore in the future. Why gamble on his surgically repaired knee? Who among the best RBs in the league right now doesn’t have one? Perhaps the most encouraging is Adrian Peterson’s recovery from torn ACL and amazing return to football and get within 7 yards of breaking the single season record for most rushing yards. Patton was projected to go in second round and if he checks out, he is a steal at 128th (4th round). Corey Lemonier could be a back up or could come in special defensive package situations.

Round 5

24(157) 49ers (From Colts) Dial, Quinton DE 6’5″ 318 Alabama

Dial could be a NT, a backup or be sent to practice squad.

Round 6

12(180) 49ers (From Dolphins) Moody, Nick OLB 6’1″ 236 Florida St.

Moody could also be in practice squad, special teams or could get cut off before the season starts.

Round 7

31(237) 49ers Daniels, B.J. QB 6’0″ 217 South Florida

Daniels could compete for the number 3 spot backup QB behind Colt McCoy or he could get cut off before the season starts.

40(246) 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Bykowski, Carter OT 6’6″ 306 Iowa St.

Bykowski can add depth to the O line.

46(252) 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Cooper, Marcus CB 6’2″ 192 Rutgers

If Cooper makes it to the season, he can add depth to the secondary or play in Special Teams.


I expected the 49ers to load up the secondary in this year’s draft but I guess they’re satisfied with their off season additions and probably answered their glaring need when they drafted Eric Reid in the first round. Charles Woodson could still be in the radar for a back up role. Or they could still shop around in the undrafted free agent market. As for their other non urgent needs, the DE, TE and WR are properly filled up, although a DT or NT could have been a need they should have attended to but I guess the Tank can be that guy too or their 2 other DE picks. The picks who are just potential candidates for back up duties or practice squad fill ins are just happy to be off the boards but they have a pre season football to get the attention of the coaches and audition for a spot at the roster. The most important thing is that the 49ers coaching staff are happy about their picks and they have chosen who they think can help improve the team and get them back to the Super Bowl.

Reid is a younger, cheaper replacement for Goldson and has more potentials and with an excellent coaching staff to guide him, he could be one of the best safeties in the NFL. Tank can make the D line better or deeper in case of injuries to the starters. TE McDonald is a ‘big’ addition to the offense not only physically but statistically with his ability to catch, drag tacklers and run for extra yards or for first downs. Coaches are loving Tight Ends who are very hard to tackle especially in 3rd down situations. Patton adds depth to a WR corps that 2 years ago did not have such luxury. RB Lattimore has the whole season to sit back and relax while he recovers from knee injury.

Six defensive draft picks (FS, 3 DE, 1 OLB, CB) and 5 in offense (TE, WR, RB, QB, OT). Out of their 13 picks, they ended up with 11 after trading up and down the board.

Did these picks keep the 49ers on top of NFC or NFL? Or did Seattle catch up and emerged as the best team in NFC when they picked up Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Viking? (As per hit and miss NFL analysts opined). We will find out on the second regular season game when the 2 teams collide. Meanwhile, enjoy looking at the new 49ers, how they performed in college and in the NFL Scouting Combine.


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